January 22, 2021

How to get crisp pizza crust: 3 factors that matter

A perfectly crispy crust is very hard to beat for taste, but can be very hard to repeat for a lot of people.

Crispy on the outside, soggy on the inside is the sad state of a lot of homemade pizza crusts. However, there are three major factors that can be used to help you hone your perfectly crisp homemade pizza crust.

The Oven

To no surprise, the place where you are cooking your pizza has a huge impact on the crispness of your crust. Because not all ovens are made equal, a lot of cooks looks to metal pans as a solution for pizzas. However, these can have poor and inconsistent heat retention, which will only compound the problems of a soggy pizza. You can help your oven out a lot by using a pizza stone, as the stones provide an even distribution of heat, allowing you to bake to crispy perfection.

Dough proofing

Long before you even place your pizza into the oven you will have made a decision that will help determine the crispiness of your pizza crust. Dough proofing is an important factor in ensuring a crisp crust. Like a lot of things in the kitchen, proofing is equal parts science and art, which means it may take time to get the process down perfect. An under-proofed dough may not crisp up nicely, while an over-proofed dough does not have enough live yeast, and will not rise.

The Process

It is important to keep in mind that going from a soggy-in-the-middle pizza to a perfectly crispy crust consistently is about more than making one simple change in your process. From picking out the best pizza stone, to selecting the perfect proofing process for your dough balls, there are a lot of areas to keep an eye on when preparing your pizza. The type of dough you are using will help determine how much you will have to adjust the previous factors, as some dough is better suited for a crisp, thin crust, while others are built to have chewy insides, and everywhere in between.

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