January 22, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Add a Commercial Dishwasher in your Restaurant

It might be a good option to hire people to wash the dishes for you. But if you want a time and cost-efficient way to wash your dishes and improve the serving time on every meal, purchasing a commercial dishwasher may be the best idea to date—so you can better take care of your business and your customer as well. They may come in different types and functions. Some may come as single or double door machines. Some are for the small types of establishments. Others may be for the bigger ones and of course, regardless of how big or small your business is, you will need one. That’s what I am sure about. So why do you need one? You may consider the following factors so you can at least be convinced that you need to have one:


Every food service business, regardless of how big or small it might be, has a busy period. This is usually a problem if you have few people to work on the dishes and therefore, the sanitation itself can be compromised. Commercial dishwashers are seen to work effectively and efficiently in terms of cleaning and sanitation than regular dishwashers. You no longer have to worry about those dishes that are not cleaned carefully because it was manually done and it has already affected a menu you are about to serve to a customer. Therefore, you will not regret purchasing one because the convenience it could give you is superb especially on your peak periods where more dishes are needed to serve more customers and gain more satisfaction from them, you may check https://warewashingsolutions.com.au/ for more information.


Aside from the convenience, it could give you in general, having a commercial dishwasher will save most of your people’s time rather than hiring a person to do it manually. On average, a commercial dishwasher can clean and sanitize a dish in one to four minutes. This fast phase may not be done by people for they can also get tired and can do another related job in the kitchen if asked to do so. Save more time and purchase one so you do not need to worry about these dishes any more. Within a few hours, all used dishes can be cleaned and sanitized and of course, they are ready to go and serve more.

Safety and sanitation

Commercial dishwashers are built with powerful cleaning and sanitation processes so you can be assured that you are free from possible poisoning, and possible residue of cleaning materials to be left on each dish which can also affect your customers’ satisfaction and trust in your services. Each of these machines is carefully crafted to comply with any food sanitation regulations so you no longer need to worry if the dishes are properly cleaned and sanitized after use. Your customer’s safety is always a priority and doesn’t let it be compromised by not purchasing a dish machine that can assure you of this benefit.

Why do you need a commercial dishwasher?

If you are serving a big number of people every hour and every day, hiring a dishwasher may not be enough for you. You have to meet the demands of the growing number of customers you need to serve so you can continue to cater more in the years to come. If you are in this situation, investing in a commercial dishwasher may be the best thing you can do for your foodservice business. It doesn’t matter if it is a small café or a diner. What matters most is that you can keep up with the demands of cleanliness and sanitation that your customers will unconsciously ask on you and at the same time, on the number of people you might need to accommodate every day. Consider the number of the population you need to serve in a day, the number of tables turns so you can decide if you need one.

Why Customer’s satisfaction always a priority?

Since you are in the foodservice industry, their trust in your business is how you present the food you are about to let them eat. How is this relevant to the purchase of a certain dish machine? This is relevant in the sense that you can only provide a hassle-free and worry-free clean and sanitized dish to your customer if you have a machine that can do it for you. It is an investment that will cost you a fortune—either you will gain more customers due to faster service or your customers will run out little by little because you do not have enough clean dishes to put your menu on. If you want your customers satisfied, having these machines will make everything easier and convenient for you. All you have to do is get one and see the difference. And of course, the choice is yours.